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A-Z Teacher Directory

CCA Career Tech Ed Teachers
Contact Katherine Amoukhteh  Katherine Amoukhteh Teacher
Contact Warren Caesar  Warren Caesar Teacher
Contact Greg Carlson  Greg Carlson Teacher
Contact Tasha Clark  Tasha Clark Pharmacy Tech Teacher
Contact Rocco DiFrancesco  Rocco DiFrancesco Teacher
Contact Steve Gil  Steve Gil Teacher
Contact Adrienne Gutierrez  Adrienne Gutierrez Teacher
Contact Douglas Mack  Douglas Mack Teacher
Contact Laura Mason  Laura Mason Teacher
Contact Kari Nies  Kari Nies Teacher
Contact Carol Parr-Garcia  Carol Parr-Garcia Teacher
Contact Nicholas Perkins  Nicholas Perkins Teacher
Contact Mark Reid  Mark Reid Teacher
Contact Christina Sargent  Christina Sargent Teacher
Contact Sarah Smith  Sarah Smith Teacher
Contact Richard Stinson Jr  Richard Stinson Jr Teacher
Contact Dominic Vellanoweth  Dominic Vellanoweth Teacher
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CCA High School Teachers

Andres, Jaques
Baker, Kent G.
Calder, Kristine M.
Carrizosa, Estee Z
Clarke, Kristine M.
Cunningham, Craig L.
Dean, Jillian M.
Famalette, Dwynn A. | Website
Garcia, Jeri A.
Gil, Steve
Gutierrez, Adrienne
Hernandez, Alissa M.
Higgs, Sean D.
Mack, Doug J. (Auto)
Miyamoto, Debra D.
Mott, Lauren
Murphy, Kelli
Murrey, Brian J.
Nikolenko, Max T.
Ohlen, Micah G.
Shimabukuro, Lauren M.
Whiteside, Tonya
Wittkop, Scott

CUSD CTE Teachers 2018-19

Location Name Course Email
Aliso Niguel High School Golden, Jeremy Drama, Stagecraft, Theatrical Prod
Aliso Niguel High School Famalette, Dwynn Forensics
Aliso Niguel High School Mack, Doug Auto Mechanics, Technology
Aliso Niguel High School Murphy, Kelli Biotech
Aliso Niguel High School Ohnstad, Jon Video Prod, TV Broadcast,
Aliso Niguel High School Ruhlen, Rich Digital Photo, Multimedia Design
Aliso Niguel High School Sargent, Christina Foods IB, Gourmet Foods, Culinary Arts
Aliso Viejo Middle School Bundy, Kirk Video Production
Aliso Viejo Middle School Groothius, Mark Robotics
Aliso Viejo Middle School Miller, M, Michelle Culinary Arts
Arroyo Vista Middle School Dykes, Jody Robotics
Bernice Ayer Middle School Strukoff, Rudy Computer App, Video Production
California Preparatory Academy Moore, Michael Video Production
Capistrano Valley High School Baker, Kent Art of Animation
Capistrano Valley High School Landino, Craig Multimedia Design, TV Broadcast, Video Prod
Capistrano Valley High School Tucker, Emily Drama, Stagecraft, Theatrical Prod
Capistrano Valley High School McElfish, Wendy Digital Photo IB
Dana Hills High School Casey, Brittany Dance Production
Dana Hills High School Clarke, Kristine Biotech, Forensics
Dana Hills High School Hernandez, Alissa Foods IB, Gourmet Foods, Hospitality
Dana Hills High School Stinson, Rick Renewable/Sustainable Energies
Dana Hills High School Wingen, Tammie Health Sciences, Healthcare Skills
Dana Hills High School Garcia, Jeri Health Sciences, Healthcare Skills
Dana Hills High School Hribar-Kelly, Natalie Dig Photo
Dana Hills High School Sanford, Samantha Drama, Stagecraft, Theatrical Prod
Dana Hills High School Snow, Krista Multimedia Design
Don Juan Avila Middle School Hobrecht, Carley Forensic Science
Don Juan Avila Middle School Lu, Ruby Comp App
Fred Newhart Middle School Abe, Stan Video Production
Fred Newhart Middle School Gosselin, Eric Robotics
Fred Newhart Middle School Kuhn, Steve Industrial Arts, Wood Technology
Fred Newhart Middle School Stein, Charla Culinary Arts
Marco Forster Middle School Gonzales, Jennifer Robotics
Marco Forster Middle School Mascio, Robert Stagecraft
Marco Forster Middle School Stough, Kathleen Forensic Science
Marco Forster Middle School Takach, Eric Industrial Arts
Niguel Hills Middle School Lynch, Kim Robotics
Niguel Hills Middle School Schreiman, Mike Comp App, Video Production
Ladera Ranch Middle School Hacievliyagil, Melissa Robotics
Ladera Ranch Middle School Hamilton, Julie Comp App
Ladera Ranch Middle School Hale, Michael Robotics
Las Flores Middle School Luby, James Forensic Science
Las Flores Middle School Smathers, Roxanne Tech Processes, Video Production
San Clemente High School Crain-Knights, Julie Drama, Theatrical Prod, Stagecraft
San Clemente High School Mack, Alana Digital Photo, Multimedia Design
San Clemente High School Miller, Matthew Multimedia Design
San Clemente High School Shimabukuro, Lauren Dance
San Clemente High School Caesar, Warren Auto Mechanics, Advanced Diagnostics, Tech
San Juan Hills High School Beilstein, C, Cambria Drama, Theatrical Prod, Stagecraft
San Juan Hills High School Calder, K, Kristine Dance Performance
San Juan Hills High School Devaney, B, Brian Comp App, Graphics, TV Broadcast, Video Prod
San Juan Hills High School Kaiser, Bill Multimedia Design
San Juan Hills High School Miyamoto, D, Debbie Biotech, Forensics
San Juan Hills High School Henry, Lisa Careers in Teaching
San Juan Hills High School Norgren, R, Ryan Digital Photo, Multimedia Design
Shorecliffs Middle School Genshaw, Kay Computer App, Video Production
Tesoro High School Hallam, John Dig Photo, TV Broadcast Journalism, Video Prod
Tesoro High School Sybirski, Shannon Multimedia Design
Tesoro High School Cunningham, Craig Accounting, Business Mngmt
Tesoro High School Des Palmes, Cheryl Drama, Stagecraft
Vista Del Mar Middle School Hobbs, Chuck Technology
Vista Del Mar Middle School Yanaura, Mark Video Production